Gregory Barrette to Lead our Church as Senior Minister

We welcome Greg Barrette with much joy and love. He brings to us 38 years of dedicated service as a Unity minister, and a lifelong involvement in and commitment to the Unity Movement.  Many of you remember him well as our valued senior minister here at Unity of Delray Beach from 1989 to 1996.  Over the past four decades he  served as senior minister for six additional Unity churches around the country.
He will speak on Sunday, August 26 at both services, and be here permanently starting in early October.

Greg has been a Daily Word writer since 1975, and a staff writer for it since 2012.

His active participation in spiritual endeavors beyond his churches have included certification as a Healthy Congregations Facilitator, 2015, and President of Southwest, West Central, Southeast and Great Lakes Unity Regions.

In addition,  he held the office of First Vice President of the International New Thought Alliance; was Adjunct teacher for Unity School for Religious Studies; Board training facilitator for Unity Churches in Orlando, Chicago, Phoenix, Ann Arbor, Pompano Beach, plus churches where he has served as minister.

He is certified in Unity Peacemaking Training.

He also worked with the International Youth of Unity as its Coordinator and President.

A message from Greg…

Dear Hearts,

I just want you to know how happy and excited I am that we are on this journey together. We were drawn together by divine appointment. This is truly what is meant by the words "divine order". 

There is an ordering principle in the universe that governs all change. That principle sometimes works in a straight line, like a golf ball being smoothly putted into a hole. But equally valid is the divine order that looks like throwing that golf ball into a laundry tub, watching it bounce and careen noisily around the walls before finally finding its way into the hole at the bottom. 

I think the reason why this kind of divine order happens is because we are primarily here to grow spiritually, not just to get what we want. There are lessons to learn and qualities to develop along the way!

The journey that drew us together for a second time was a "God job". It was a divinely-directed action with so many incredible twists and turns. Some of the experiences have been inexplicable, but they have all been growthful--and necessary! 

What a wonderful opportunity we have to grow together, in divine order! With every twist and turn, the journey gives us more wisdom, greater depth and a more complete fulfillment of our soul purpose.  

You and I are on this journey together. Divine order is now established in all that we do!                            

Your new minister,