Listen, Beloved…You Can Begin Again By Martha Smock

[Editor’s note: For more than 30 years, Martha Smock served as editor of DAILY WORD, the much-loved monthly magazine of daily inspirational messages published by Unity. She wrote a great deal of inspirational material without her name attached to a byline, feeling the focus needed to stay on the message. We can look at the Easter season as a time of renewal, resurrection, and redemption…beginnings. Enjoy the words of dear Martha.]

You have heard it said again and again, but it is still true, vitally true, that always we stand at a point of newness, that always we can begin again. You need not give way to defeating thoughts such as, it is too late to begin again, that you are too old to learn new ways, or that it is impossible to change old patterns of thought and living. Is anyone ever too old to change?

Is it ever too late to begin again? For every person who gives in to this defeatist attitude there are countless others who have proved the nothingness of time or age or other physical limitations and have risen up in spiritual strength and power, have entered into newness of thought, into newness of life. Never let yourself fall into negative habits of thought. Never tell yourself, “this is the way I have always been, and I cannot change now.”

Never believe that there are not opportunities for growth and unfoldment ahead of you; never believe that your life cannot be better in every way. The way to rise above belief in age and time is to think of yourself as a spiritual being: ageless, deathless, eternal. To look at yourself and life from this standpoint is to see yourself and all things from a spiritual level. You are living in eternity right now. You are a part of the divine scheme of things, right now.

Always you can change, always you can begin again. The present moment is the only moment that counts. What has gone before cannot keep you from rising up and claiming your good, from expressing the abilities that God has given you. If there is anything about which you have said to yourself, “It is too late,” put this thought out of your mind. Replace it with the idea of the spiritual power you possess. Replace it with the idea that now is the only time. Replace it with the idea that old thoughts and old conditions are as waters that have passed away. Affirm: It is never too late. Today is a new day. I can begin again.

 If you have made a mistake in judgment, you can begin again. If some business venture has not worked out, you can begin again. If circumstances have made it impossible for you to continue in the same job, you can begin again. Whenever you come to a place where some good seems at an end, you can begin again. Where to begin? How to begin? The place to begin is right where you are. Right where you are, let go the old. You can release the mistakes, the worries, the unhappiness of yesterday and begin, right now, today, to change the direction of your life. How to begin? You begin first of all by turning to God in prayer and opening yourself to His light and guidance. What is needed to be done by you will be revealed to you.

What can you do about a situation that seems impossible to change? It may be a situation that involves other persons, and you hesitate to take a stand for fear of hurt feelings. It may be a state of affairs that has persisted for so long that you have come to take it for granted—you think there is nothing you can do now to change it. You can always do something about any situation; there is always a way, there is always some step that you can take to start things moving in a new direction. The important thing to do whenever you feel at a loss in knowing how to make a fresh beginning is to pray for light. God works through you, but you need to be an open and receptive channel for His light, love, wisdom, and power.

What you, humanly, are unable to meet, the power of God working through you can meet and overcome. The wisdom of God in you enables you to look past the appearances and see clearly the right steps to take, the right decisions to make, the right ways to proceed.

You can begin again. Know this and believe this. As you do so you will find that you are supported and upheld by God’s loving presence. He is with you. He is opening new doors to you and revealing new paths to you.

Sunday November 26, Reverend William A. Gill Guest Speaker at both Services

Rev. William’s ministry focuses on speaking, teaching, and coaching, offering inspirational talks, small-group workshops, and private counseling. He has been a platform speaker at churches in Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Florida. William is committed to the study, practice, and teaching of unconditional love. 

William holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Ohio State University, as well as a certificate and ordination from Unity Institute and Seminary. His interests include public speaking, music, aviation, hiking, and cinematography. William currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida. You may follow him on Twitter as @williamagill

Distinguished Guest Speaker Gregory Barrette at Unity of Delray Beach Dec. 3

    Unity of Delray Beach is very pleased to welcome the Reverend Gregory  Barrette as guest minister for its 9:25 and 11 a.m. services Sunday, December 3.
Greg has been a Unity minister for thirty-eight years, including serving as senior minister of Unity of Delray Beach from 1990 to 1996.
      Formerly director of the International Youth of Unity, Greg was  first vice president of the International New Thought Alliance,  president of four Unity regions, and has led some of Unity's most successful churches. He is a Certified Healthy Congregations Facilitator.
     Greg is currently senior minister of Unity Northwest Church in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Blessings of the Animals

What a beautiful day of "Blessing of the Animals"
(Animals still with us, animals who have left us and animals 
who may not yet found a forever home) 
with Reverend Laurie Durgan

Good St. Francis, you loved all of God's creatures.
To you they were your brothers and sisters.
Help us to follow your example
of treating every living thing with kindness.
St. Francis, Patron Saint of animals,
watch over my pet
and keep my companion safe and healthy.