Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekly Wisdom/Thoughts on Truth

God loves us and God cares for us-that's all we need to know. Enjoy this beautiful poem by Pauline Tyson Stephens from the book, A Treasury of UNITY POEMS:


Dear God, as curfew's gentle touch
Has brought the closing of the day,
I ask forgiveness for the faults
That may have led my feet astray.

I ask that Thy good counseling
May heal my soul and hold me fast
Against a futile backward glance
To erring footprints of the past.

I proffer gratitude for all
The blessings lavished by Thy hand;
For life and health, for peace of mind,
And friends that care and understand.

Now let me gain the strength within
The sanctuary of the night
To meet new challenges that rise
In the glory of the morning light.

Praise God!
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 Richest Blessings,
Nancy Norman

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