Thursday, April 27, 2017

Weekly Wisdom/Thoughts on Truth

"...your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."
(Matthew 6:10)

"If you are not expressing the will of God, you will experience inharmony.
It is equally true that when you express His will harmony will come."
(Emmet Fox)

The idea of will is making a decision and moving forward. I have decided that I am going to let God lead the way. As I trust and go forward listening to that still, small voice within, God will lead the way. If I don't know the why or the where of some situation that has occurred in my life, I can simply call upon divine understanding, knowing that the answers will be revealed.

In his book, Sermon on the Mount, Emmet Fox writes: "A tragic mistake that is often made by orthodox religious people is to assume that the will of God for them is bound to be something very dull and uninviting, if not positively unpleasant. The truth is the will of God for us always means greater freedom, greater self-expression, wider, newer, brighter experiences, better health, greater prosperity, wider opportunity of service to others and a life more abundant."

As we mature spiritually, there is a willingness to do God's will. God's will for you and God's will for me is to live healthy, happy, successful, joyous, prosperous lives. The truth is God's will for us is always good and even greater than we could ever imagine!
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Richest Blessings,
Nancy Norman

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