Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekly Wisdom/ Thoughts on Truth

Heaven Is an Inside Job.

You can search the universe forever and never find a place called heaven. Do you know why? Because heaven is not a place. It cannot be seen or visited. That's because heaven is a state of mind. Heaven is in you! It is in everyone.

When we are aware that we are part of God, and when we live our lives as if we really believe it-obeying the laws and will of God-we experience heaven.

In other words, when we do our best to let God be Himself in us, that is heaven. It is always right here, waiting. We don't have to go anyplace to find it. We only have to wake up to the fact that wherever we are God is, and that means we live in heaven right now. Mary-Alice Jafolla/The Simple Truth

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Richest Blessings, Nancy Norman

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