Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weekly Wisdom Thoughts on Truth

"...Go and do likewise." (Luke 10:37)

"Wealth is not a matter of chance, luck, or coincidence. The only  
chance you have is the chance you make yourself." (Joseph Murphy)

In the 1950's the author and well known New Thought minister, Joseph Murphy, told the story of a multi-millionaire who had created a chain of pharmacies after having started very small. One day, during lunch, he shared his multi-million-dollar formula with Joseph Murphy. He said he used it night and day for 25 years, and had given it to others who also became millionaires.

Multi-Million Dollar Formula
I recognize the eternal source of all riches, which never fails.
I am Divinely guided in all my ways, and I adapt myself to all new ideas.
Infinite Intelligence is constantly revealing to me better ways to serve my fellow man.
I am guided and directed to create products that will bless and help humanity.
I attract men and women who are spiritual, loyal, faithful, and talented,
and who contribute to the peace, prosperity, and progress of our business.
I am an irresistible magnet and attract fabulous wealth by giving the
best possible quality of products and services.
I am constantly in tune with the Infinite and the substance of wealth.
Infinite Intelligence governs all my plans and purposes, and I predicate all my success on
the truth that God leads, guides, and governs me in all my undertakings.
I am at peace inwardly and outwardly at all times.
I am a tremendous success.
I am one with God, and God is always successful.
I must succeed.
I am succeeding now.
I radiate love and goodwill to all those around me and to all my employees.
I fill my mind and heart with God's love, power, and energy.
All those connected with me are spiritual links in my growth, welfare, and prosperity.
I give all honor and glory to God.

This formula is powerful! This business tycoon brought all these things to pass, and blessed countless others. I suggest that you print it out, keep it handy and read or speak it every day.

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Richest Blessings,
Nancy Norman

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