Thursday, September 29, 2016

Weekly Wisdom/Thoughts on Truth

Elections, debates...every 4 years we have the privilege and opportunity to participate in having our vote and voice heard. Yes, there are always heated discussions and differences of opinions, but the important part is that our vote counts.

It is wise for us, as Unity truth students, to remember that God is in charge of our beautiful country and that He will guide and direct us in every way for the good of all concerned. Philippians 1:6 tells us, "...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion..." God began a good work in this country, the United States of America, and He will continue that work. When God starts a project, He completes it.

It really doesn't matter if we are Democrats, Republicans or Independents, we are blessed to live, work and celebrate together as Americans. Let us raise our consciousness above personalities and know that the Power and Presence of God is moving through our country, blessing us all with Life, Love, Light, Wisdom, Power, Peace, Beauty and Joy. Divine right action prevails!

The following was at one time published in the Daily Word; it is as profound today as it was in the past-pass it on and spread the calming influence of these words of truth:

We in Unity believe that God stands ever ready to point the way to the solution of problems. And so we believe that God's spirit is even now working through all people to place their government in the care of men and women who-because of their trust in the divine Presence-are able to deal effectively with every problem.

We know that under the divine law there are people qualified to assume leadership in various departments of the government-men and women who desire above all else to see God's law of justice and truth and love rule.

From now until Election Day, pray that God will illumine the minds of all voters; pray that all who participate in the campaigns or in the election are guided by the unfailing wisdom and uplifting love of God.

We ask that you join with us in this prayer for all people:
God is our strength and our inspiration; God's love and wisdom guide us in all our ways.
~ Daily Word ~

~ On the right and perfect President ~
The divine intelligence of God is flowing through each and every United States citizen as they vote for the right and perfect president of the United States. I know that only the highest good for our country will be the result.

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